Enhance Your Instagram Reels with Imported TikTok Sounds

Are you looking to take your Instagram Reels to the next level? We’ve all seen the mesmerizing videos on TikTok, backed by catchy tunes and trending sounds that instantly capture our attention. But did you know that you can import those same TikTok sounds into your Instagram Reels? That’s right, in this article, we will be diving deep into the world of digital content creation and social media optimization to show you how you can enhance your Instagram Reels by incorporating imported TikTok sounds. So, if you’re ready to elevate your content game and captivate your audience with engaging audio, then keep on reading!

import tiktok sounds to reels

Import TikTok Sounds to Reels

Are you looking to take your Instagram Reels to the next level? One way to enhance your content is by incorporating trending TikTok sounds into your videos. By importing TikTok sounds to Reels, you can tap into the vibrant audio library of TikTok and leverage its popularity to engage your audience on Instagram. In this article, we will guide you through the process of importing TikTok sounds to Instagram Reels, ensuring that your content stands out and catches the attention of your followers.

Why Import TikTok Sounds to Reels?

Instagram Reels has quickly become a popular platform for creating short, engaging videos. But to truly capture your viewers’ attention, you need to make use of captivating audio. TikTok, known for its vast library of trendy and catchy sounds, offers a plethora of options to enhance your Reels and make them more entertaining. By importing TikTok sounds, you can infuse your content with the latest trends and create a unique experience for your audience.

How to Import TikTok Sounds to Reels

Now that you understand the value of incorporating TikTok sounds into your Reels, let’s delve into the steps to import them seamlessly.

  1. Save the desired TikTok video with the audio: Begin by saving the TikTok video that contains the audio you want to use. Save it to your phone’s video library. This step ensures that you have the audio file readily available to import into Instagram Reels.

  2. Open Instagram and go to Reels editing: Launch the Instagram app and navigate to the Reels section. This is where you will create and edit your Reels using the imported TikTok sound.

  3. Import the TikTok audio: Within the Reels editing interface, look for the option to add audio. Tap on it to access the audio library. Here, you will find various options to choose from, including the ability to import your own audio files.

  4. Select the video from your phone’s library to extract the sound: Locate the TikTok video you saved in the first step. Select it from your phone’s video library. Instagram will extract the audio from the video, making it available for use in your Reels.

  5. Record and save your Instagram Reel using the imported TikTok audio: With the TikTok audio imported, it’s time to create your Reel. Record your video and incorporate the imported sound to make your content more engaging. Once you’re satisfied with the result, save your Reel and share it with your followers.

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Benefits of Importing TikTok Sounds

Importing TikTok sounds to Instagram Reels comes with several advantages that can elevate your content creation game. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Access to a vast audio library: TikTok offers an extensive collection of sounds, including popular songs, viral audios, and sound effects. By importing these sounds to Reels, you gain access to a diverse range of audio options to enhance your videos.

  • Staying on top of trends: TikTok is known for its trendsetting nature. By importing TikTok sounds into your Reels, you can easily stay up to date with the latest audio trends and ensure your content remains fresh and relevant.

  • Increased engagement: Incorporating trendy TikTok sounds can capture the attention of your audience and boost engagement. Users are more likely to interact with and share content that includes familiar and catchy sounds.

“By importing TikTok sounds to your Instagram Reels, you unlock a world of endless audio possibilities. From catchy songs to viral audios, your content will be enhanced with the pulse of trending sounds.”

Alternative Methods for Importing TikTok Sounds

While the steps outlined above enable you to import TikTok sounds directly into Instagram Reels, there are also alternative methods worth exploring. Some third-party extraction tools allow you to download and save TikTok sounds to your device, which can then be easily imported into Reels. These tools provide an additional layer of flexibility and expand your choices when it comes to sound selection.

However, it’s important to note that these tools may come with certain limitations or require a subscription. Be sure to approach them with caution and consider the potential impact on the E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) criteria that Google values.

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Discovering Trending TikTok and Reels Sounds

Staying up to date with the latest TikTok and Reels sounds is essential for keeping your content relevant and engaging. One effective way to discover new trends is by utilizing the Plann workspace. Plann provides a curated collection of trending TikTok and Reels sounds, helping you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s popular and allowing you to integrate these sounds seamlessly into your own creations.

Using TikTok Audio on Instagram Reels without a Specific Sound

In some instances, you may want to use a specific sound from a TikTok trend on Instagram Reels, but you cannot find it in the audio library. Don’t worry; there is still a way to achieve this. By following these steps, you can import any trending audio from TikTok into your Reels without relying solely on the audio library:

  1. Download the TikTok video with the desired sound: Find the TikTok video that includes the sound you want to use. Download it to your device, ensuring that both the video and audio components are saved.

  2. Extract the audio from the TikTok video: Use a video editing software or app to extract the audio from the TikTok video. This process separates the audio file from the video itself and prepares it for import into Reels.

  3. Import the extracted TikTok audio into Instagram Reels: Follow the steps outlined earlier in this article to import the extracted audio file from your device into Instagram Reels. You can now use the TikTok audio in your Reels, even if it’s not directly available in the audio library.

“When a specific TikTok sound isn’t readily available on Instagram Reels, take matters into your own hands. By downloading and extracting the audio, you can still incorporate the trending sound seamlessly into your content.”


Importing TikTok sounds to Instagram Reels opens up a world of possibilities for content creators. By taking advantage of the vast audio library and trendy sounds on TikTok, you can enhance your Reels and captivate your audience. Whether you choose to import the audio directly from TikTok or extract it from a specific video, the steps outlined in this article offer a straightforward approach to incorporating the sounds that resonate with your target audience. So go ahead, empower your creativity, and take your Instagram Reels to new heights by leveraging the power of TikTok sounds!

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Q: Can I use TikTok audio in Instagram Reels?

A: Yes, you can use TikTok audio in Instagram Reels by saving the desired TikTok video with the audio to your phone’s video library and then importing it into the Instagram Reels editing feature.

Q: How do I import TikTok audio into Instagram Reels?

A: To import TikTok audio into Instagram Reels, you need to save the TikTok video with the desired audio to your phone’s video library. Then, open Instagram, go to Reels editing, and import the TikTok audio. You can select the video from your phone’s library to extract the sound and use it in your Instagram Reels.

Q: Can I use my own audio files in Instagram Reels?

A: Yes, you can now import your own audio files directly from your device into the Instagram app to be used in your next Reel. This allows you to have more control over the sounds and music you use in your Instagram Reels.

Q: Are there any third-party extraction tools available for importing TikTok sounds to Instagram Reels?

A: Yes, there are third-party extraction tools available that can help you import TikTok sounds to Instagram Reels. These tools can make the process of using TikTok audio on Instagram Reels more convenient and efficient.

Q: How can I find trending TikTok and Reels sounds for my Instagram content?

A: To keep your Instagram content relevant, you can find trending TikTok and Reels sounds on the Plann workspace. This platform provides a curated collection of popular sounds that you can use to enhance your Instagram Reels and engage with your audience.